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Nothun Shurjo - Revolutus - Original - Bangladesh [Metal]

Bangla metal!  Shoutout to my bandmates, Siam and Tapesh!  Props on the album!  

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Earth Dilemmas 2100: Chapter 1 (Extract)

The instrument was ready. He had gone through the hardest of times to get his hands on the device, but he was finally at the stance where everything would start to make sense. The missing Pyramids, the visions of a world in which, they knew not of time travel. 

Away in the distant wonders, he was ready to set sail. To set sail towards the unchartered waters of the universe and time as understood by those who were present before the so-called human race. 

"I'm ready..." as he spoke to himself amidst the branches of trees in the jungle where he had run off to. They had chased him for many miles, through thick and thin vegetation. The tireless ambitions of a boy in a quest to understand the fragment of existence in which time was controlled as a measure of transport. 

Travelling through the dimensions of time, he was ready. With a push of a button, it was functional and the date and time alterable. 

It came with an inscription on the back, 'to all good things that must come to aspire.'

12th December 1989. Location, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The lightning was hard that night, with the thunder rattling the make-shift home in which Jose lived. As the thunder hit, his dog rushes out the door as he chases behind him. It was in the patter of the rain, he arrives, as Jose looked for his dog, David was out looking for Jose.    

David had arrived into the plane of existence in which, he was capable of observing his great grandfather, if not communicate with him. For instance, if he chose to communicate with Jose, his grandfather and them together could untravel time travel. Together, they could wake humanity into a new era of existence; the times of the great travels. 


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