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Nothun Shurjo - Revolutus - Original - Bangladesh [Metal]

Bangla metal!  Shoutout to my bandmates, Siam and Tapesh!  Props on the album!  

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Rants: Clarity of the Mind

When you try to understand the depth of time, swirled together into space, we come to terms with the concept of evil, which exists for it is a component of time and space itself. 

Where there is good, there will for certain be the Antagony. 

So how do we work with this Antagony? 

Do we allow this Antagony to impact our lives? 

What can we do to fight the Antagony?

Clarity of the mind is the strength of the soul. 

Steer your mind towards good and good things will happen. Steer your mind toward the bad and complications will arise. We do not need no more trouble!

So understand that which I speak of and know the good within humanity to understand, resist and combat the Antagony!


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