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Nothun Shurjo - Revolutus - Original - Bangladesh [Metal]

Bangla metal!  Shoutout to my bandmates, Siam and Tapesh!  Props on the album!  

Introducing 'Free the Rastafari: the Circle of Life, the Gift of Love'

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Rants: Evil from the Onset? Is that actually written in the BIBLE?

Why when the Church of Satan is legally accessible, are the Rastafari given such a hard time? Why are the supporters of Bob Marley given such a difficult time and harassed and imprisoned? Do we not know what is evil and what is good?

Sure, you may be evil from the onset as written in the Bible, but if you come from heaven to live on Earth, how are you evil from the onset then?

Should I leave a link to that horrid church on the blog? Why link my beautiful blog to such jargon... go search on Google, unless it has been taken down, or dismantled, or forgotten, abandoned... a philosophy that nobody care to follow...

While the Rastafari philosophy... man, Bob Marley didn't like no philosophy right... it's in his song, we don't want no philosophy... expect he says, devil philosophy.... But Bob Marley looooooooooooves Rastafari philosophy man!!!!!

Philosophy is cool with the guy upstairs! ;)


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