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Nothun Shurjo - Revolutus - Original - Bangladesh [Metal]

Bangla metal!  Shoutout to my bandmates, Siam and Tapesh!  Props on the album!  

Introducing 'Free the Rastafari: the Circle of Life, the Gift of Love'

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Rants: What Does it Take to Reach the Queen of England?

 People laugh when they hear me say that I am trying to reach the Queen of England. However, it is a valid question for everyone, not just her Majesty. Why when the church of satan is legal and in existence, are the Rastafari people given such a hard time. Why are supporters of Bob Marley given such a hard time? Why it is that we struggle to see the obvious good vs the obvious bad?

It is a question worth pondering, for anyone and everyone. Are we doing the right thing in keeping the Rastafari criminalised? Would the world have more to gain if we come together and accept the truth!


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