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Nothun Shurjo - Revolutus - Original - Bangladesh [Metal]

Bangla metal!  Shoutout to my bandmates, Siam and Tapesh!  Props on the album!  

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Earth Dilemmas 2100 - An Introduction and Outline

They are present, all around us, can you not sense them? Are they invisible? They don't want you to know they are there... who are they?

I had just let the kids play in their room in the craft and look at what they have done. A whole Civilization with planetary abilities and everything. They used time travel... I had told them earlier that if you were with God, you would be able to use time travel. 

So, the little one asks, so grand-daddy, so did they eat the dinosaurs? They ate the dinosaurs and everything and anything that moved type of people. Scary then isn't it, we could get eaten... all of a sudden, the human race could be infested by ravage rabbit people who eat us! 

"No no no! The dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid that hit the planet..." says Noah, "nobody ate the dinosaurs..." (hmm) this big, juicy, grilled piece of rock... ehem.. rock, hit the planet and the dinosaurs died. 

"What a shame... they ate themselves and were wild..."

"What if we rehabilitate planet Earth?"... says Jaine

Suddenly, the crazy doctor comes winding into the hall where the talk was being held. "We cannot actually consider planting a human race there. The dinosaurs lived there. The geomagnetic energies of the region force you to eat meat. Remember the T-Rexes! That's proof! We should not venture there! They too will fall into the geomagnetic wormhole of planet Earth. 

The people started chanting, rehabilitate Earth, rehabilitate Earth, so the king had no choice, but to start the rehabilitation of Earth, from the once saved Noah, who was visited before the asteroid was hit. Noah, the one who built the ARK.

We know Noah from the Bible to have built an ark, but an ARK as in a spaceship, who would have even considered. Noah upon death had a spaceship.

As the guy was saying, "sounds like a really bad idea to me... a human race on Earth? Like what would these humans even look like? "

"They could look more or less like us... we still have monkeys which we cloned in our labs and we can use them to engineer humans."

Another teacher spoke, "we can teach them to be good humans!"

"Remember when we visited Noah and he thought we were his God... these people will believe anything... I was just time travelling... "

"Good humans? They will have to eat meat to survive... so brutal!" said another bystander. 

"They will learn to cherish and celebrate it as a story of survival of humanity and enjoy the meat..." said Noah.

So, they started work on the rehabilitation of Earth, knowing altogether all too well that the humans would fall. They fell and they ate and they prospered in the name of God. However, they knew that God neither eats nor condones the eating of any intelligent creature. However, God's kids, they will believe anything and will try anything.  However, they too have been told not to eat or condone the eating of intelligent creatures. Only humans are allowed to eat animals. 

They eat animals too, just not from planet Earth, so that they learn their lesson. No... no more giraffes for you Mr... no they are good kids, they don't eat giraffes... dad jokes. 


Hi, guys, just started on the new title. I am trying my hands with Sci-Fi and would love to see what comes out of this.

Hope you all enjoyed reading it and come back to read the entire book when it is published. Just remember the title, Earth Dilemmas. (2100)


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